We offer services across the complete project lifecycle, read more about our services below:


Kelbuild offer a number of bespoke main contractor and sub contractor services to clients across Ireland. Our bespoke services are delivered by a team of highly skilled and expertly trained professionals facilitating all your project requirements under one roof.

Conservation & Restoration

As experienced conservation and restoration contractors, we provide the best practices and least obtrusive conservation and restoration methodology while also recognising and promoting the heritage industry. We have the understanding, knowledge, and skill to provide the highest standards for our clients, and we have previously been recognized by the Heritage Council for our projects.

Kelbuild is proud to protect our permanent built heritage, which is an intrinsic part of our past and inheritance. The Planning and Development Act of 2000 explains why certain aspects of our built heritage are protected. These reasons may be historical, artistic, technical, archaeological, scientific, or social in nature. Particular skills and resources are required to conserve these structures, and with over 30 years of experience, Kelbuild can guarantee the quality workmanship required to achieve this.

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New Build/Design and Build

Kelbuild have experience as main contractors on a number of new build projects. Many of Kelbuild’s new build projects took place at Lough Sheever Corporate Park, Mullingar. Within Lough Sheever modern industrial units and offices were constructed and currently house a mixture of satisfied end-users.

Kelbuid are very comfortable with the coordination of all aspects of a newbuild from groundworks through to landscaping. We have established relationships with a number of reliable subcontractors that allows Kelbuild to perform on a variety of build types. We have a strong reputation within the industry of delivering our product in a non-confrontational and collaborative way. This helps us cultivate strong long lasting client and supply chain relationships.

Our expertise allows for an efficient BCAR and certification process. This provides comfort to our clients and is achieved through tested processes and quality checks. We ensure that all new builds are handed over with a high-quality finish with client consultation forming an important part of the handover process.


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The requirements of medical buildings and hospitals nationwide continue to get more complex, requiring deeper levels of specific expertise. Kelbuild provide an even greater commitment to collaboration and teamwork in our healthcare construction projects along with a specialist team whom are experienced in all aspects of healthcare construction, from Acute Hospitals, to Primary Care Units together with fit outs in live acute hospital campuses. 

Kelbuild are equipped with the expertise to tackle the unique challenges healthcare construction presents, and we work in a way that ensures uninterrupted patient care and patient, staff and visitor safety. 

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Repairs and maintenance / facilities management

Kelbuild maintain a highly skilled, motivated, and resourced team that cover all areas of Construction. This is particularly important when dealing with repairs and maintenance contacts.

Kelbuild have been involved with repairs and maintenance contracts with various private and public bodies such as IDA, Maynooth University, St. Patricks College Maynooth and Irish Rail.

Kelbuild understand Client’s requirements for reactive and preventive maintenance, and devise solutions and platforms which make a real difference for our clients. Our reputation to produce the entire spectrum of construction services means we deliver exceptional reliability and best value for our clients.

Our team are aware of how important their positions are to the Client when involved in repairs and maintenance contracts and in turn become part of the workplace team they support

As with all Kelbuild services, Kelbuild guarantee quality workmanship which will exceed Client expectations.

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General Building Works

Kelbuild can provide a range of general building works for clients depending on their specific project requirements. These include brick and stone replacement, mortar repair, roof construction, building surveying, lime plastering, structural repair, painting, flooring, carpentry, window restoration, mechanical and electrical works, reactive maintenance and preventative maintenance, storm prevention works and protected structures. 

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Kelbuild have delivered award winning projects for some of Ireland’s renowned clients in both the public and private sectors.