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Mullingar Mortuary

Description of Works

Project Summary

During the Covid – 19 Pandemic, Kelbuild Ltd were awarded the task of increasing the capacity of the Mortuary in Mullingar, across the road to Mullingar Regional Hospital under Covid -19 Emergency Works by the Health Service Executive (HSE).

These works consisted of the refurbishment of an old existing outbuilding at the rear of the mortuary and utilising it to incorporate a new self-contained refrigerated room.

The roof was stripped off the original outhouse & the level of the roof was raised. A U-Block ring beam was installed for maximum support for a new cut roof to be fitted. The new roof was cladded with insulated cladding to match the existing roof on the mortuary.

Internally, the floor was also raised to level and merge into the existing floor, which was then powder floated, polished & painted.

A link corridor was also constructed to connect the new refurbishment to the original building.

Within the new refurbished building, a self-contained refrigerated room was constructed by specialist subcontractor to enhance the capacity of the morgue.

The final phase of these works was to resurface the external yard, build and install a ramp at the rear of the building to allow easy access to the lobby area for funeral directors and staff. There was a full replaster of the external walls on the new building and all areas were repainted for a clean, crisp finish to the exterior.

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